SIMA Academy is a truly unique educational platform, helping women and men around the world gain new skills, change career direction and develop new vision and perspective on how they can change their lives.


  Many have lost their jobs and businesses during the pandemic and are now faced with a difficult choice of what to do next and how to move forward. Some came to the painful realisation that their current career they've spent years building is no longer fulfilling their needs. It is in the times like these when one needs utmost guidance and support. SIMA is much more than just another educational platform, selling online courses - the team is building a strong community that will provide its members with ultimate support, networking opportunities as well as opportunities to learn from top experts in various fields from around the world.

  SIMA Academy will have a special Best Student of the Year Award. The criterion for the award will be based on the overall performance, on how the student managed to transform his/her life through the education received at the Academy and inspire the community. Based on the evaluation provided by the Academy Awards panel the best student will be selected and awarded at the annual She Inspires Me Awards Ceremony.