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Ella Nichols is the Founder of www.proonlinelearning.com Growing med spas, aesthetic and health clinics is Ella's true passion. After working for 7 years in the telecommunication industry serving clients from Latin America and MENA regions as well as managing an international support team, she decided to change her career and venture into the digital world providing measurable results for her clients. This career change gave her much more opportunities to meet like minded people and grow professionally. Her passion for online advertising and new technologies helps her clients acquire new patients and discover automation marketing. She’s also got involved in online course development and is actively pursuing this field in parallel with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

   Originally from Poland, fluent in four languages Ella’s dream is to create schools for children from underprivileged backgrounds with a curriculum that helps them become the best versions of themselves and find their purpose in life. Ella loves Spanish and Latin American cultures which brought her to learning Spanish and got involved with the SIMA initiative. She is looking forward to supporting the whole team in this challenging and rewarding initiative. 

To learn more about Ella and her work, please visit her website: www.proonlinelearning.com