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Multi award winner Dr. Caroline Makaka is the Founder/CEO of Ladies of All Nations International also known as LOANI which compromises of Beautiful Survivors World of Honours, United in Diversity Special Recognition Awards and Galaxy of Stars Young Inspirational Awards and LOANI Magazine.

 She is a Patron of an Orphanage School in Africa , Board Advisor for Central Entrepreneur Capital Union , President of Aesthetics International UK , Save the Girl Child Ambassador
Global Peace Ambassador, Board Advisor, VIE Equality & Diversity International Ambassador, Advocate for Women, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Community Developer, Charity Worker, Mentor and Counsellor.

 Caroline Makaka's mission is to connect cultures and help underprivileged communities.
She is very dedicated to unite cultures under one roof for a great cause and fund initiatives that empower the most vulnerable women and children around the world.


She is the Founder of Ladies of all nations international (LOANI). Ladies Of All Nations International is a global organisation that operates worldwide to bring nations together under the umbrella of humanity with the ultimate goal being to support and uplift the underprivileged in various communities.

  LOANI is now covering 88 countries worldwide promoting diversity and inclusivity and hosted various events worldwide.

To learn more about Caroline and her work, please visit her Instagram page @loaniglobal