Dr Pauline Long is a AUGP NOBEL PEACE PRIZE recipient. She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, media mogul, public speaker, peace activist, mentor, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on Black Women In Europe Powerlist, named the most outstanding woman of the year (2016) and Europe's most powerful woman for changing many lives through BEFFTA.



Alvaro Enrique Cristiano is a spiritual leader and humanitarian. Throughout the years he has participated in the opening of 14 schools via several non-government organizations. Alvaro is the Director of Fundación Santa Ines and a Professor at the Cooperative University of Colombia where he teaches Pedagogy and Psychology.


Instagram: @cristianovalcarcel


Adrija Biswas is a corporate leader, visionary, motivational speaker, innovator, singer, humanitarian, philanthropist and beauty queen – Mrs India UK Universe 2019. Adrija continues to be inspirational by launching RASA – Rise and Shine Again - an initiative to empower you to build a better you.

Instagram: @adrijabiswas19


Carlos Anaya is the Founder of Anaya Media & Cafecito Espiritual. Wellness, entertainment, and arts content provider, customized for the U.S. Hispanic Culture. Cafecito Espiritual cultivates relationships and inspires personal growth through meaningful workshops. Carlos provides services including journalist, host, event producer and kundalini yoga teacher.

Instagram: @cafecitoespiritual



Maria Victoria Cristancho is a successful communications strategist and project manager with a wide range of experience in multimedia production and journalism. She is heavily involved with the life of Latin community in Europe, inspiring women to be the best they can be and achieve their dreams.


Instagram: @mariavictoria.cristancho


Tess La Bella is a Sag-Aftra award-winning voice-over artist, actor, comic, producer and children’s book co-author (pub. 2021). Tess lends her voice to several non-profits and is a second-term Miami Sag-Aftra board member and convention delegate.

Instagram: @tess_labella



Chebra Dorsey is a celebrity fashion designer who owns Ochea Fashions.  She conducts Celebrity Fashion shows and has won numerous awards for her work. Chebra is the member of GSFE (Global Society for Female Entrepreneneurs).

Instagram: @ocheafashion


Robbie Motter is the founder of GSFE (Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs) and for over 28 years served as the Global Coordinator for Nafe (National Association of Female Executives) In addition to running her non-profit she is also a Marketing/PR Consultant, speaker, radio show host, event planner, author.



Vanessa Dcruz Is an editor, social media promoter, motivational writer/ speaker and a member of
Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women. Vanessa is an advocate for those who are suffering in society, she is supporting the breast cancer awareness campaign as well as the LGBT community.

Instagram: @dcruzvanessaj


Azucena de la Fuente is an outstanding award-winning Spanish actress. She has a vast experience in cinema, television, theatre and radio. She has worked alongside several great Hollywood stars such as Andy Garcia and Mira Sorvino. Her award-winning short film, “A Woman’s Daydream”, was a candidate for the Oscars nomination in 2003.  

Instagram: @azucenadelafuenteactress


Hildemaro Alvarez.JPG

Hildemaro Alvarez is a well-established music producer, pianist, conductor, composer, multi Latin Grammys nominee and ARPA Awards, winner. He has accompanied and worked with numerous renowned Latin American artists such as Carlos Vives, Luis Fonsi, Ricardo Malfatti, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Natalia Lafourcade and many more!

Instagram: @hildemaropiano


Enrique Vasco is the Director of Juntos TV - Hispanic online video channel based in London. The channel helps Hispanic community to promote events, businesses, talents and share their stories by producing documentaries, interviews, concert coverage and videos.


Instagram: @jtvlondon


Ricardo Malfatti  is a well established talented Venezuelan singer, musician and actor based in Miami, Florida. He was nominated for the Arpa Awards for the album I HAVE FAITH in 2019. Ricardo is planning to release his next single in 2020 produced by Hildemaro Álvarez.

Instagram: @rmalfatti